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1966 A Lonely Room, poems (It. and Eng.), Celebes&, Trapani.

1968 Shades of Light, poems (It.), Celebes, Trapani.

1968 At the Crossroads, essays, Celebes, Trapani.

1969 A Possible Poetics for an Antigruppo, essays, Celebes, Trapani. 1969 For God’s Little Children, poetry (It.), edited by C. Pirrera

1970 A Season of Love, poetry by R. Certa, G. Diecidue, N. Scammacca(It. and Eng.), introduction by L. Sciascia.

1971 21 Points for Open Polemics, essays.

1971 Glenlee, poems (It. and Eng.), G. Di Maria, Catania.

1972 Bye Bye America, short stories (It.), Libri Sicilian!, Palermo.

1973 Analysis Antigruppo, essays and poetry, Coop. Antlgruppo, Trapani.

1974 Lake Zurich, poetry, trans. (into It.) and edited by Enzo Bonventre.

1974 Giro di Sicilia (Meeting the Sicilian Poets at Home), anovel (It.), Trapani Nuova.

1975 Correspondence Antigruppo, Coop. Antigruppo, Trapani.

1975 Trapani Terza Pagina Antigruppo 75, an anthology of prose, Trapani Nuova.

1975 The Vendetta Wind, poetry (It.), edited by F. Hoefer for «Fogli di poesia».

1977 New Lyrics,poetry (It. and Eng.), edited and trans. by Enzo Bonven tre.

1977 A Meeting with N. D’Alessandro and N. Scammacca, poetry (Eng.and It.), Cross-Cultural Communications, New York.

1977 Saturday Night Poetry, poetry by D. Axelrod and N. Scammacca, The Freeport Public Library, L.I.

1978 A Meeting with D. Tumminello and W. Stafford, poetry (Eng. andIt.), edited by N. Scammacca, Cross-Cultural Communications, New         York. 1979 The Populist Poetics of the Antigruppo (It.), essays, Trapani Nuova

1980 A Meeting with D. Axelrod and Gnazino Russo, poetry (Eng. and It.),Cross-Cultural Communications, New York.

1980 Erice, poems and a short story, illustrations b.y D. Tumminello and N.D’Alessandro, Coop. Antigruppo, Trapani.

1980 La raccomandazione, prose (It. ‘and Eng.), edited by S.H. Barkan, Cross-Cultural Communications.

1980 Two Worlds, a novel (It.), introduction by C. Zavattini, Coop. Anti­gruppo, Trapani.

1980 Poetry by Two Sicilian Poets, Certa and Scammacca (Greek), trans­lated and edited by K. Valetas, Athens.  Double click to edit

1985 Glenlee, poetry, trans. into Sicilian by Turiddu Bella, T.N.

1985 Schammachanat, poetry (It. and Eng.), Coop. Antigruppo and Cross -Cultural Communications.

1990 Ericepeo (three vol. Eng. and It.), poems Coop. Editrice Antigruppo Siciliano, II  Vertice/Libri, Editrice and Cross-Cultural                   Communications.

1986 Bye Bye America, short stories (Eng.), Cross-Cultural Communications, New York.

1991 Sikano L’ Amerikano! (Short stories), Coop. Editrice Antigruppo Siciliano, II  Vertice/Libri Siciliani and Cross-Cultural    Communications.

1994 Due poeti americani, Nat Scammacca and Stanley H. Barkan (Eng and It.), edited and  translated by Enzo Bonventre

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1971 Antigruppo Existence, poetry and essays (It.).

1971 Open Polemics, the 21 points of the Antigruppo, (It.). 1972 An American at Trapani,  poetry (It.).

1972 No to Fascism, poetry and essays (It.).